A new VIP Licensing Service will soon be introduced by Dubai Health Authority’s Health Regulation Department. This new initiative will be useful for 26,800 health professionals working across Dubai. The VIP Licensing Service will come with an added cost. The new department for VIP Licensing is being planned and will be located in the DHA Health Regulation Office in Deira. The office is set to be operational by the end of 2014.

The new initiative was announced in DHA’s weekly Twitter Clinic with the twitter handle #Smart_Clinic. A new survey has also been introduced at all health facilities in Dubai which would help guage levels of customer satisfaction achieved.

Speaking on the occasion, Assistant Director of DHA Health Regulation, Dr. Layla Al Marzouqi spoke about the inspection by DHA of all hospitals, polyclinics, pharmacies, optics shops, and day-care surgery centers which was being done twice a year. She said that the department was keen to know about customer feedback in order to measure quality of healthcare given to patients. She also talked about the licensing process whereby all health facilities undergo inspections several times before license is awarded to them.

The authority wants patients to only seek treatment from a licensed practitioner at a licensed facility and if they are not sure about anything, they must approach DHA health regulation department. This will ensure patient’s safety, even for the simplest of procedures. All health practitioners must strictly follow highest standards of care.

Recently the Dubai Health Authority also initiated a service for healthcare professionals to deliver their licenses at their doorstep.