Commercial Bank International (CBI) has launched a Customer Service Training Program in association with Qatar National Bank (QNB) with its focus on training frontline managers and service and sales staff. This is being done in an effort to train staff to provide premium customer service to its customers. The program aims to target 60 employees by the end of September, with 121 employees already trained over a period of three weeks.

CBI’s Head of Retail Banking, David Power, stressed the importance of providing efficient customer service as part of a long-term strategy to reaffirm CBI as the bank of choice in UAE. He restated the bank’s commitment to invest in training as an important strategy for completely transforming CBI into a customer-centric bank and improving the overall banking experience for customers.

Murray Macdougall, who is the Head of Sales and Distribution at CBI emphasized the need for superior customer service platform, because the provision of financial solutions is not enough, and must be accompanied with top-notch customer service in order to stand out amongst the competitors.

Since 2012, CBI has initiated numerous projects to improve the overall customer experience including an enhanced call center, reinvention of it products line-up, and massive branch expansion plans in 2013. This has been done to increase accessibility for the growing needs of its customers. Murray commented on CBI’s aim to build strong customer relationships through loyalty, by serving customers in the shortest possible time and exceeding customer expectations.