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voice-activated atm for visually impaired

(November 15, 2016)

For the first time in Dubai, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) one of the leading banks in UAE has partnered with NCR Corporation, a leading company in omni-channel solutions to provide voice-activation technology on its ATM machines across UAE. This facility will assist visually impaired customers to easily conduct transactions, making it safer and more convenient for them.

The voice-activation feature is going to be used in 20 ATM machines of ADIB from December onwards. This initiative will help visually impaired clients to make transactions using their voice. The ATMs will have high-tech voice-guidance technology, braille stickers and multilingual service for the accessibility and assistance of visually impaired clients to carry out secure and easy transactions, thus enhancing customer experience.

Speaking on the occasion, Philip King, Head of Retail Banking for ADIB said, “We are pleased to be partnering with NCR in our efforts to better meet the needs of visually impaired customers, and to empower them to take control of their transactions and have secure access to our ATM services. ADIB continues to look for ways to utilize innovative technology to bring convenience and flexibility to our customers’ everyday banking transactions, and deliver a superior customer experience every time.”