As UAE is moving towards the ultimate objective of smart government, a lot of initiatives driven by technology have been introduced. As part of this goal, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has facilitated the elderly and disabled by providing them with the option to renew their parking permits using their smartphones. Needless to say, this customer service initiative will save them from a lot of hassle as they can easily get their parking permits issued or renewed through their phones. The services can be accessed by downloading the RTA Dubai smartphone app.

Speaking on this occasion, Director of Drivers Licensing, Mr. Sultan Al Marzooki explained the government’s special focus on the elderly and the disabled. The RTA, he added, put in great detail of thought to ensure it was able to serve all its customers across the board. The smartphone app has been particularly tuned to specifically serve these two segments of society in order to add to their comfort.

Customers can utilize this service by downloading the app on their phones, after which they can fill in the required details according to their chosen category. When the card is ready to be issued the customer is contacted and the RTA customer service center which is nearest to them is located for their ease.

The implementation of this new facility is already under way. RTA is working to ensure that more and more services are offered to users on the smartphone app. The services have been categorized into Disabled Parking Permit (Temporary), Disabled Parking Permit (Tourist), and Disabled Centers Parking Permit. RTA is also offering a separate parking permit for customers with chronic diseases, providing them permanent permits for hospitals and medical centers frequented. RTA has been at the forefront of technology and convenience driven initiatives including testing of apps by students before launch, and Dubai’s adoption of environment friendly traffic lights to name just a few.