A new resolution has been introduced by the Ministry of Interior in UAE to provide guidelines about services regulation, issuance of new visa, and fee structure for Naturalization, Residency and Ports Affair Sector. These new measures are aimed towards enhancing level and quality of customer service delivered.

A press conference was held by Vice President of Legal Affairs, Mr. Rashid Sultan Al Khodr at Ministry of Interior. He provided details about the new ministerial resolution, saying that its introduction was aimed in alignment with UAE Vision 2021. The federal government aims to lead globally in application of international service standards which would directly impact customer service quality. In light of this decision, several service channels will be established exhibiting transparency, efficiency and quality. Besides facilitating customers, the new visa system will help to better regulate entry and residency laws.

There are many other ideas in the pipeline and the Ministry of Interior is already working on them. A fund is also set to be established in order to cover costs that need to be incurred for deportation of violators of residency law and develop a process that promotes and ensures services offered are in proportion to the fees charged.

Under the new visa system several provisions have been added for multiple entries for business visits, activation of entry permit visas for study, conferences and medical treatments. The newly approved amendments will take into consideration improvement of quality of services while particularly focusing on tourism, economic development, and social activities.

The new system will address the requirements and needs of customers regarding Ports Affairs, Residency and Naturalization.