All travelers coming into and going out of Dubai via Buses will no longer be able to travel without Nol Cards, except for the Abu Dhabi to Dubai route. Introduction of Unified Fare Collection System or Nol Cards will provide customers with an easy paperless way of making payments. This will add to the customer experience by making payment method convenient for commuters.

There are currently 12 routes connecting Dubai with other Emirates on which buses complete 900 trips daily. There are more than 35,000 passengers who use this service every day.

Director of Transportation Systems (RTA) Mr. Adel Mohammad Shakeri emphasized on the need to transform the city’s transport system to make it completely paperless using Nol, saying, “The RTA through issuing Nol cards has dispensed the paper tickets in paying public transport fares, which translates into the global concepts as conserving the environment through reducing wood consumption, the sole source of paper manufacturing.”

He further said that this traveling by using Nol Cards had been made mandatory. The old way of making payment is only available for the Abu Dhabi to Dubai route. The passengers of this route will soon be shifted to Nol Cards as well.

Nol is an easy method of payment provided to customers. You can travel between cities without the need to carry cash. With Nol you will be able to enjoy low cost fares and have the flexibility to use this card for different modes of transport. Special discounts will also be offered to students, senior citizens and the disabled persons.