Emirates NBD has launched mePay, a new service that would add to convenience of customers in transferring money. The new service will enable account holders to transfer money to another customer’s account using mobile numbers rather than bank account numbers. The new service is said to take only 30 seconds for the money transfer to take place. The customers can only transfer money to an account holder of Emirates NBD.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Suvo Sarkar, General Manager of Retail Banking & Wealth Management discussed the importance of app in user experience, saying, “Today’s announcement is continuing evidence of Emirates NBD ‘s commitment to offering our customers an enhanced banking experience, thus making banking transactions convenient and hassle-free. Mobiles have become an inseparable aspect of our lives, and customers are on the lookout to access various services through their smartphones. We are confident that the newly launched service, which is in line with the government’s initiative to transform Dubai into a smart city, will revolutionize peer-to-peer money transfers in the UAE.”

This new service will be driven by Emirates NBD mobile banking app, allowing customers to instantly transfer money using mobile number of the recipient.

Mr. Pedro Cardoso, Head of Multichannel & Customer Relationship explained the need to make the necessary shift to mobile in order to take benefit of increasing penetration of smartphone usage in UAE. The company has launched mePay app to capitalize on high percentage of UAE population using smartphones. Similarly, the need to transfer money on the go is also in high demand.

Customers can use the app on their smartphones to make transactions. The “Shake n Save” feature allows Emirates NBD customers to save money while “Emirates NBD Deals” sends latest promotions of interest and relevance to customers regarding bank’s credit card facilities. The app is available to all Emirates NBD customers.