A new video retail system has been introduced by Du Telecom in 9 of its shops across the United Arab Emirates. The purpose of introducing this new system is to enable walk-in customers to chat with service representatives using video conferencing.

Senior Vice President of Du Customer Operations, Mr. Ismail Mohammed spoke about the company’s commitment towards bringing forward innovative technologies which will further add to improving the customer experience. The launch of video retail support will add convenience and make the services offered by Du to its customers even more approachable.

According to the company, the system has already been tested by several customers and a majority of them seem to be satisfied with using this new service to get their issues resolved. Du aims to make this feature available to more outlets in the later part of 2014. The technical team hired by Du at the back office manages the Video Retail Support System.

In terms of getting in touch and providing service, the telecom company has offered customers several ways of contacting them by choosing a channel which best suits their needs. Customers can visit any of the Du shops, call at 155, or 800 155 to get solutions to their problems and ask for help in questions related to plans, devices and mobile services.

Residential service users of Du can make phone calls to 04 390 5555 for landline, broadband and Du TV related questions. And business users can call at 188, or 800 188 for getting help in troubleshooting problems related to mobile and fixed services.