Emirates airlines has asked its customers flying to the UK, the US and Canada to ensure their electronic devices are switched on when they are to board a flight as part of the new increased security measures. Customers need to make sure that their devices are adequately charged before boarding. The airline further warned that in case the customers failed to comply, they might even face the risk of not being allowed to travel on a flight.

Heathrow and Manchester Airports in the United Kingdom have already announced implementation of this new security measure. Powerless devices will not be allowed onboard.

In this regard, the US Transport Security Administration (TSA) has already made its intentions clear. TSA has also said that it officers may also ask travelers for additional screening.

Customers need to make sure that when they are buying new devices from an airport, it must have adequate power. Authorities in the UK and the US say that these measures will serve as added security at airports.

One sure way for passengers to avoid this situation and save themselves from the hassle is to always have a spare battery for their laptop, smartphone or tablet devices.

Tips for Passengers to Avoid Difficulty:

  • Make sure your smartphone, laptop or tablet PC has been fully charged before the flight.
  • Do not take with you any electronic device with unreliable battery or other problems which may prevent it from starting.
  • During long flights with several stops, make sure you have kept your electronic device charged and use it only when you have some important task to complete. Avoid using your phone for watching videos, making long calls or playing games which drain your phone battery.