LED lights to be installed in Dubai in place of conventional lights, to protect environment, enhance traffic safety and reduce costs as well.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has taken up the work to replace traffic lights with halogen bulbs, with the implementation of LED (Light Emitting Diode) power-saving technology.  RTA has started the initiative of replacing these bulbs in order to enhance traffic safety and deliver better customer service to the public.

Not only will this improve safety, but also impact the green economy drive in a positive way, reducing the misuse of energy. As per Maitha Bin Udai, CEO of the RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency, the new bulbs will be saving the RTA about DH 900, 000 of money spent in a year.

She shed light on the consistency and durability of the LED lighting system, which lasts much longer than the regular bulbs, almost up to ten years, and also requires minimal power to function.

“Replacing the traffic lights is part of a plan set by the RTA for the second half of this year to upgrade traffic systems, which would accordingly improve the traffic safety on the heavily congested roads and streets in the Emirate of Dubai, and develop solutions for main intersections that witness recurrent traffic accidents,” Maitha said.

The technology used in the LED bulbs, is more efficient in utilizing energy, and enhances consumption by 55 percent, as well as reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The lights have an auto-dimming feature and can be clearly seen in the day time, without reducing light clarity in the sun’s reflection.