Mashreq Bank has introduced a new mobile top-up service for customers. This service will enable customers to send mobile credit to friends and family members in 103 countries. They will also be able to pay utility bills via this facility.

The bank aims to target high number of expat population residing in UAE who wish to send mobile credit abroad. The bank says that this new service will allow customers to securely upload more credit to their mobile phones from 228 operators globally. The bank claims to have made every effort to ensure this service is fast and convenient. Here is how the Mashreq mobile top-up app works:

Customers need to login by providing their credentials, enter mobile number of the person receiving the credit, and select from given list of amount options. The app has been powered by KeyBS, a software solution company based in Dubai. The company already offers various financial solutions, smart payment options and money transfer facilities.

Head of Electronic Business and Innovation at Mashreq, Mr. Aref Al Ramli was excited about the bank taking a lead in providing an innovative yet in demand service to the region which would add greater value to the overall customer experience. He talked about the bank’s vision to offer new services empowered with the latest in technology which would help customers save time and money.

There is a large base of customers who send credit and money to their home countries. Indian nationals will additionally be able to pay utility bills for electricity, gas and TV.