Customers with special needs will be offered parking permits as per their requirements and needs.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has given parking permits for customers with special needs and for the elderly as well, at the Customers Service Center in Al Furjan Complex, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). The Customer Service Center has been opened with the goal of accommodating customers, especially the ones with special needs, such as the disabled or the elderly. This helps them conveniently visit the center, without any discomfort and get their permits.

Sultan Al Marzooki, Director of Drivers Licensing at the RTA spoke, about the importance they place on improving services and offering a better customer experience. He said RTA looks to enhance the quality of services and meet customer needs and expectations, especially customers who have special needs and require more guidance and ease, without having to make them wait for long hours. The new center is made in line to cater to the disabled and senior citizens in particular along with other customers.

“Permits issued to the disabled are new ones that boast of a distinctive design including a personal photograph in a size big enough for displaying at the front of the vehicle and is usable at all parking spaces in Dubai with no strings attached” he said.

There are multiple kinds of permits that are issued to customers, such as the Permanent Permit and the Temporary Permit etc. The permanent permit is valid for up to five years and is given to candidates who have permanent disabilities, for example, handicapped wheel chair users, autistic and amputees. The temporary permit is issued for a time span of one month to one year, and is for people who have temporary disability.

Customers travelling into Dubai from abroad will also have the option to get a permit for the duration of their visit, only if the visa has been issued from Emirates of Dubai and states the person as a disabled.