Dubai Municipality wants to improve its relations with customers and in order to do that, it is updating the customer category list. The announcement was made by Director of Customer Relations for Dubai Municipality Mr. Khalid Mohammed Badri. Dubai Municipality compiled first categorization list in 2010 and ever since then, the body has been continuously updating it by adding new service categories.

This list helps the civic body plan high end customer relation activities. The body is also able to cater to the needs of a variety of customer groups. It will ensure that proper budget has been allocated to each category of customers. And relevant yet result driven marketing strategies are deployed to achieve best results.

The category has been divided into three main levels which have been further sub-categorized into 8 sectors. The total number of customer groups amount to 53.

Dubai Municipality is working with several other civic bodies to finalize the list of main categories to ensure proper planning and funds allocation for various customer projects in pipeline. The municipality currently has 19 departments which are delivering 269 critical services to the citizens.

Earlier this year, Dubai Municipality initiated several campaigns to improve the quality of customer service. This includes the ‘Leaders on Air’ campaign where top officials personally took phone calls of customers.