There has been a significant drop reported in the number of customer enquiry calls by Emirates Identity Authority during the first half of 2014 in comparison with 2013.

The number of calls received during the first half of 2014 amounted to 392,000 calls from 837,000 in 2013. The response rate for the calls received was 98.1%.

Emirates Identity has established 14 communication channels for customers to reach it. These communication channels made available to customers include the authority’s website where they can fill online application form, have direct conversations with a representative, contact the director general and check application status. The authority actively maintains accounts on various social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Similarly, customers can also call the toll free number of Emirates Identity 600530003 or avail the SMS services. They can also physically visit the service centers of Emirates Identity at different locations across UAE to get their complaints registered.

According to Emirates ID, statistics of the calls received reveal that, 87% of the calls received during first half of 2014 were answered in 15 seconds. 50% of calls received were to ask about card application status, while 42% calls were made for general enquiries and 8% calls were made to give customer feedback and suggestions to improve services.

The call center offers 24/7 round the clock support in three languages including Arabic, English and Urdu.

Emirates Identity pays special attention to the training of the staff to guarantee courteous and professional services delivered to customers. On average they take 2 minutes and 30 seconds to resolve a problem. The type of interactions offered to customers include SMS Services, E-mails, Direct Conversations, Interactive Voice Response, and Automatic Distribution of Calls.

The main reason behind the drop in the number of calls by 53% is said to be because of an improvement in the quality of interaction with customers and the increased number of better communication channels  being offered.