CEO and MD of Dewa, Mr. Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer announced new value additions to the smart services offered by Dewa. The authority is now providing more than 150 services and features to the customers through its app.

Mr. Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer emphasized on the importance of online presence and how it helped reduce carbon footprint, saying, “Customers conducted 3.3 million transactions in 2013 through Dewa’s website and smart app. This helped eliminate the emission of 11,000 tons of carbon dioxide that could have resulted from customers travelling to and from Dewa offices. This equates to planting 56,331 trees in an area equivalent to 106 football fields.”

He further discussed the role that smart services were providing in improving the overall user experience by helping Dewa achieve a customer satisfaction rate of 94.3 percent.

Dubai residents will now be able to get water and electricity connections within a day once they relocate. Customers do not need to physically visit Dewa office with documents and payment. They can utilize all these services online.

Dewa is also planning to launch charging stations for electric cars, enabling customers to charge their vehicles via solar power grids. Majority of Dewa customers are already using online transaction mechanism for payments and other requests.