Vehicle owners can now send others on their behalf for making transactions and other vehicle related tasks.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched a new security system, Personal Appearance Service, which lets Motorists in Dubai delegate their vehicle licensing tasks to other people. Customers only need to visit the customer service center once, and provide their complete details for registration.

Post registration, the customers will receive a short text message on their mobile phones, with the Personal Identification Number (PIN), giving customers the choice to ask other people to carry on transactions related to vehicle licensing on their behalf.

Mohammad Abdul Karim Nimaat, Director of Vehicles Licensing at the RTA’s Licensing Agency, highlighted that once the PIN has been used another PIN is issued for a new transaction, increasing the level of security given to the customer.

Customers can use the PIN for all vehicle licensing tasks, such as registration, vehicle transfer, transport, export and selling vehicle number plates etc.

“The new service is considered the first of its kind across the region enabling the processing of business applications and transactions in a smooth manner without obliging the concerned individual to attend in person. This process will be applied after completing registration of the customer’s details in full at the centres, and sending an SMS to the concerned customer conveying a PIN through which the customer can delegate anyone deemed appropriate to process his or her transaction.” he added.