Biz Group, a corporate training company is aiming to introduce new ways of educating employees in the Middle East.

The company has launched Axonify which is a web based training solution that has been built with the latest research in brain technology involving game mechanics. This new approach is said to not only increase retention rates but also help organizations accomplish desired business impacts.

Axonify will be launched by Biz Group all over the GCC countries. The innovative online knowledge platform is already being deployed by several Fortune 100 companies as well as prominent multinationals like Toys R Us, Bloomingdale, and GE Energy to name a few.

CEO and Founder of Biz Group Hazel Jackson said, “The increasing knowledge around brain science is driving the way we deliver learning and is set to ensure training moves away from the traditional classroom structure to a lighter touch, with frequent interventions. This is supported by research that highlights 90 percent of information is being leant on the job, however, 80 percent of training budgets in the Middle East are still allocated to traditional classroom based methods. This is because, until now, there hasn’t been a solution that could reinforce learning and deliver measurable results.”

The new web based learning platform is a tool that delivers on a more personal level by understanding and differentiating between learning needs and gaps of every employee trained. Axonify, with a patented algorithm, adapts to each individual’s learning pace. The platform is said to have long term retention rates, applying learning, with the capability to handle employees from 100 to 100,000. A game based approach helps retain motivation of employees in learning new skills set and job roles, increasing engagement rates to 50% or more. Training can be delivered via PC, tablet PC and smartphones. The training modules are divided into shorter bursts, with each taking less than 5 minutes a day to complete. One important aspect of employer concern is measurement of results which is being taken care of by providing detailed reporting and analytics at the back end.

According to Biz Group, the platform can be used by organizations of different sizes. It is already being used across multiple sectors including Retail, Safety, Financial Services, and Educational Institutes. However, retail and customer service-led companies have been the biggest followers to date.

The CEO of the company further added, “As the GCC markets transition into knowledge economies, there is an increasing need to address the skill shortages of the local workforce in a way that effectively contributes to the bottom line of business. Gone are the days of training for the sake of training. Investments in the development of employees need to have a tangible impact. Axonify’s ability to customise workplace training to the learning capacity of each employee allows employers to measure how an individual is applying their new knowledge to their specific job function. This tool has the potential to fundamentally transform corporate training in the Middle East.”