DHA takes the initiative of acknowledging its customers and employees in helping to improve the customer service at clinics, through positive feedback and suggestions.

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has launched a new unique system, Customer Service Index (CSI) which can be used to measure customer satisfaction, by collecting customer feedback.

Sheikha Al Rahoomi, Director of Customer Relations Department at DHA speaking at a ceremony, said: “Having a robust customer feedback mechanism and a clear focus on customer satisfaction, helps raise the bar in health service delivery, it also helps us implement better and effective systems as feedback is an invaluable resource for any organization.”

Al Rahoomi commented that the ‘DHA customer service index’ will be applied to DHA health centers and hospitals by the end of 2014. The customer service index is a measure of customer service, and is calculated by two bars, a green bar and the red bar. The green bar denotes satisfaction whereas the red bar denotes dissatisfaction. All customers need to do is press ‘happy’ or ‘unhappy’ button when they are leaving the health centers, and their ratings appear on the screen, as red or green bars.

The screens put up in health centers, with the customer service index, show red or green bars once the customers press the buttons, and the screen keeps changing every 30 seconds. DHA plans on having all DHA hospitals and primary health care centers to be implemented with this customer service index, so measure and check can be kept on whether customers are satisfied or dissatisfied by the service being offered.

The Dubai Health Authority hosted their second annual meeting to appreciate their customers as well as their employees, who have worked towards improving customer service by giving useful feedback and suggestions.

Employees and departments were also acknowledged for their efforts in improving customer satisfaction and raising standards. 52 people were appreciated for their positive role, of which 11 were external customers, 13 were DHA staff members, 8 employees, and the rest included eight departments, which followed suggestions, nine customer service coordinators and also DHA’s strategic partners; Noor Dubai Radio, Sharjah Radio and Ajman Radio.

His Excellency Engineer Essa Al Maidoor, Director General of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), spoke to the employees of DHA as well as the external customers. He shed light on the Dubai Health Strategy 2013-2025 which was introduced in May 2013. He spoke about the improvement in quality of customer care, which has led to better healthcare management and satisfied customers.

Al Maidoor also spoke about DHA employees, who provided effective and useful ideas, and even appreciated the DHA customer service coordinators, who work efficiently to ensure notice is taken of complaints, suggestions and feedback.