A new study by Booz & Company highlights the importance of government officials to connect with its citizens via smartphones and apps.

It is recommended by in a study by management consulting firm Booz & Company that governments in the MENA locality should make use of the growing smartphone usability and get accessible to the citizens by adopting the use of mobile apps.

Research shows that smartphone usage in UAE is rather high, with UAE having a penetration rate of 73.8 percent followed by Saudi Arabia. The government should cash on this practice by the citizens and connect with them.

The study highlights the usage by companies to connect with their customers and target audience, which enhances the customers experience with the company and makes them feel valued, allowing them the customer service which connects them to the company.

“Failing to take advantage of new technologies can leave populations disaffected and disengaged, with a belief that their government does not speak with them in meaningful ways or understand their needs,” it said.

The study brings to notice the usability and existence of e-government portals that have been functioning over the years, but are too much effort to use, with abundance of information and impracticality to function over a smart phone.

Mobile apps offer several advantages,” said Ramez T. Shehadi, a partner with Booz & Company.

“Specifically, they are always on. They are highly personal and have intuitive interfaces that require no explanation or instructions. They also contain information that users can access even when they are offline. And, they can take advantage of the broad array of functions and tools now routinely built into smartphones.”

He added, “Perhaps most important, apps are typically limited in scope and designed to meet a set of precise needs, making them uniquely fit for purpose and highly appealing to users.”

These apps won’t just benefit the citizens but can also been seen to provide financial benefits for the governments, by providing their services through easy and less costly channels.