A series of innovative training workshops have been launched by HSBC bank Oman S.A.O.G. Titled ‘creating an exceptional customer experience’ and run by a regional learning team, these two-day workshops are meant to educate HSBC employees across the sultanate on delivering exceptional customer service in all facets of banking.

“Surveys reveal that 80% of companies believe they deliver superior customer service, yet only 8% of their customers agree. We want to be the organization that believes and succeeds in creating an exceptional experience by making customers our number one priority in everything we do to fulfil our vision of becoming the leading bank in Oman”, said Ali Al Abri, General Manager and Country Head of HR at HSBC Bank Oman, while shedding light on the current customer service scenario in the UAE.

“These invaluable workshops guide our staff through the techniques and attitudes necessary to provide high levels of satisfaction in customer service and act as a reminder that every member of the HSBC Bank Oman team plays a pivotal role, and not just the employees that work directly with customers every day. The responses from participants have been very positive so far and demonstrate the success of these workshops as learnings are immediately being applied to work the next day”, he told.

The plan is to have all the customer facing employees in Retail Banking & Wealth Management attend the workshops and thus grasp the essentials of terrific customer service, like friendliness, responsiveness, politeness, professionalism, empathy, flexibility and dedication.