Abu Dhabi has set high goals on tapping into the growing cruise tourism market through the development of its plan for a permanent cruise terminal facility.

Speaking at the forum, Seatrade Middle East Cruise, Al Mubarak Al Muhairi, director general, Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority said that area for permanent facility has been decided and the concept designs for the terminal are expected to be completed by next year.

We have made no secret of the fact that we intend to press ahead with the building of a permanent terminal,” he said.

“The current temporary terminal site has now been earmarked as the site of the permanent one.”

The cruising season is going to be attracting thousands of passengers and will be spread over five and a half months. Abu Dhabi wants to cash in on the growing demand for the cruise terminal and expand its cruise tourism market.

The cruise seasons is expected to see a total of 75 scheduled vessel calls and more than 100,000 passengers from all around the world. Hence arrangements are being made to cater to their needs and make the passengers comfortable and provide a smooth cruising experience with proper service.

“We want a state-of-the-art facility which meets all your requirements, including warehousing and cold storage,” said Al Muhairi.

Abu Dhabi currently operates a temporary facility at Mina Zayed port, which was recently upgraded and expanded to include a range of passenger services, Al Muhairi said.

Abu Dhabi at the moment is running a temporary facility at the Mina Zayed Port for cruising and also recently worked on expanding and upgrading itself, so they were able to provide a wider array of services for its passengers comfort.

This is a strong effort by the management because they are looking into securing a comfortable experience for the customers of the cruise, which will in return expand the growth of the market.

It’s essential to have your thoughts early in the planning process. We’re ready and eager to listen,” he informed participants at the forum.