Abu Dhabi Education Counsel has declared the results of its year 2011-2012 ‘public opinion survey’, which witnessed the participation of 52,534 parents and guardians from across 445 private and public schools in Abu Dhabi. The survey results indicate unsatisfactory customer experience


Survey statistics revealed that only 56.22% parents have satisfaction with the tuition fees and quality of education being provided to their children. However, the guardian satisfaction ratio is still low, as majority of them have serious concerns regarding students learning outcomes, academic and personal development, and physical environment.

Parents also highlighted poor customer service areas of private and public schools i.e. ‘the poor arrangements for children with special needs’, ‘shortage of extracurricular activities’, and ‘strict and abusive behavior with students’.

According to Dr Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili, Adec’s Director-General:
The private and public schools of Abu Dhabi must handle issues, complaints and obstacles in a respectable and understanding manner, keeping in mind the interest of students and concerns of parents.’