Telefonica and Etisalat have signed an information security agreement. The two companies are planning to develop and implement cutting edge SOC (Security Operations Centre) in UAE. The center is aimed to offer businesses of various sizes with cyber security services. The new agreement endorses the SMART strategy pursued by Etisalat to guarantee online security of private and public organizations in the region.

Etisalat will benefit from advanced technology platforms provided by Telefonica, helping it diversify its portfolio of ‘managed security services’. Here are some of the featured cyber security services offered by Telefonica:


  • Industrial Security and Antifraud
  • Persistent Vulnerability Management
  • Cyber Threats Detection & Intelligence

Senior President Digital Services Etisalat, Mr. Abdullah Hashim talked about the company’s commitment to adequately address cyber security concerns raised by the customers. This collaboration will help the company accomplish SMART environment. The customers will be able to utilize better yet intelligently managed security services.

On the other hand, Telefonica will be able to interconnect its Dubai and Madrid SOCs. The company will be better able to tackle new cyber security threats, enabling it to protect its customers against new threats. This agreement recognizes strong forte that Telefonica holds in delivering high end digital security and intelligence.

The Original Agreement

Telefonica and Etisalat signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement in July 2011. The agreement was inked to help each company bank on the other organization’s experience. The companies aimed to introduce initiatives which would help each other better serve their customers. Some of the other areas on which they agreed to work on included wholesale services, procurement and international capacity. The two groups also agreed not to compete with each other in each other’s respective operational markets.