The disturbed weather conditions due to the snowstorm in USA has led airlines to reschedule flights and accommodate customers on the upcoming flights.

Emirates and Etihad flights have been delayed for their departure to New York due to the snowstorm on 26th and 27th January. Customers have been requested to check their flight status and schedules before they leave for the airport.

As per Emirates’ statement, the flight EK 202 heading from New York JFK to Dubai on 26th January will be taking off before schedule. All passengers who will not be able to take this flight will be rebooked for the same flight on 27th of January. Flights EK205/EK206 flying between Milan and New York on the 26th of January are also cancelled for now, rebooking customers to take the flight on the 27th of January.

Flights which will be taking off as per schedule will be between Dubai and Milan EK205/EK206, as well as the flights going to Dubai and Boston.

“At this time, Emirates flights to New York on 27 January remain as scheduled, subject to weather developments. We continue to monitor the situation closely,” said the statement by Emirates.

As for the Etihad flights, their flight EY103 from Abu Dhabi to New York on 27th January  has also been cancelled for the same reasons. Flights flying in from New York to Abu Dhabi, which is EY 102, is also cancelled for 27th January. Airlines are looking into managing flight schedules to ensure customers don’t face any inconvenience and can be accommodated on other flights as soon as possible.

In order to get the latest updates about the flights, passengers are advised to check the airlines websites or call the customer service center for more information.