Wasl Properties in an announcement revealed that it has opened two new customer service centers in Dubai to facilitate customers. The first one is located in Jumeirah while the second one is in district Souq in Deira.

The new centers have been established to enhance customer experience and cater to the rising demands of customers, especially for the real estate development division, which has grown tremendously in the past.

Maha Ahli, Senior Manager Tenant Management and Support, Property Management, Wasl Properties, said that the addition of two new service centers will improve customer service by offering convenience and time-saving procedures. She further added that tenants who are residents of Jumeirah and Deira will be able to enjoy a high level of flexibility. Maha Ahli said that this initiative is part of the plan to deploy latest technology, including e-services and mobile apps. While adding to convenience, customers will also be able to conduct online transactions through their mobile devices. Alternatively, customers can meet with Wasl representatives in person at the customer centers.

The customer service centers will handle transactions from both current and new tenants. Owing to several new real estate projects planned, the number of tenants is likely to increase. The new centers will assist and complement the functions of the existing customer care centers, which will help reduce traffic.