Dedicated taxis will be available for patients with disabilities and elderly citizens who need assistance while travelling.

Dubai is now offering devoted taxis with specialized services for patients who need to travel to and from the hospital, as per the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). The service is called Awnak and was launched on Sunday by Yousuf Al Ali, CEO of RTA’s Public Transport Agency.

Awnak is run by Non-Emergency Transport Services (NETS) in association with RTA, and is the first of its kind in the area. The taxis are made to provide a comfortable customer experience to patients, with an installed wheelchair lift, and customized seating options.

The taxis are available for hire through phone by dialing the number; 04-4150000 or even through hospital desks. Taxis currently are not bringing patients in from other emirates into Dubai, but do drive patients from Dubai to other Emirates.

“The vehicles are designed for non-emergency travel for patients who require regular trips to hospitals as well as picking up and dropping of patients from hospitals who cannot travel by regular vehicles,” said Paul Wells, CEO of NETS.

The basic fare of the Awnak taxis is Dh 5, if hired from outside the hospital premises, taxis that are booked through calls, start at Dh8. In either case the taxis charge an extra Dh100 for the wheelchairs.

“What we are offering is high-end transport services for those with medical needs at a very reasonable price. This is not an ambulance but a non-emergency vehicle with a driver trained to handle patients,” said Yousuf Al Ali.

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