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Customer service professionals and industry experts provided insights on how brands can improve customer service through social media and discussed the challenges associated with it.

The event titled “How To Deliver Effective Customer Service” organized by Our Social Times was held on March 19th and was attended by leading customer service speakers from various companies.

Mohamed Afifi, Managing Director of Genesys in the Middle East; a leading provider of multi-channel customer experience said, “Social media is everywhere, changing the way people see and speak to brands. Customers today expect value-added, personalized customer experience in real time, using multiple channels. They expect to be able to start an interaction on one channel, and complete it on another without having to restart the whole conversation”

“With social media in place, customers are quick to voice their disappointment of poor service which can eventually lead to brand erosion and customer defection. To avoid this, organizations should develop optimal multichannel customer service in line with customer expectations. As customers switch channels, organizations need to ensure they sustain the strength of a great experience across every channel,” he added.

Customer Service Seminar in Dubai

The event was opened by Luke Brynley-Jones, Founder and CEO, Our Social Times, with a focus on the capacity for brands to use social media and better understand the market trends and gain insight into customer behaviors and how they perceive different brands.

The event also featured an in-depth presentation by Martin Hill-Wilson, Europe’s leading social customer service expert and co-author of ‘Delivering Effective Social Customer Service’, who deliberated on how brands can develop increasingly sophisticated processes to deliver effective customer service via social channels.

The seminar was also attended by Mr. Hamza Nasir, Director Strategic Relations at LiveAdmins JLT.