Residents and tourists of Abu Dhabi can now learn about traffic jams and alternate routes to take in advance.

The Department of Transport (DoT) launched an app this week called Darb (path or road). The app delivers motorists live data through colored maps informing them about traffic jams.

Customers using smart phones can now gain information about their commute and get updated about the traffic conditions. Motorists will have the option to pick from which routes to take by evaluating what areas are jammed.

The app also provides customers with information about bus schedules, ferry timings and options to book taxis in Abu Dhabi.

The app is available in English and Arabic at the moment and can be run on iOS and Android operating systems.

“According to international standards, we expect that the application will reduce congestion and smooth traffic flow by about 15 to 25 per cent,” said Salah Al Marzouqi, director of integrated intelligent transportation systems at the department.

The app is aiming to improve the customer experience provided by the Department of Transport to the residents and tourists of Abu Dhabi.