Customer service standards will be maintained through the Service Specifications Manual offered by RTA.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has begun work on standardizing service, by implementation of the services specifications manual, and ensuring service quality is maintained through all delivery channels.

RTA aims on improving service delivery and raising customer satisfaction by ensuring all customers have the same quality of service and a uniform experience. Ahmed Mahboob, Director of RTA customer service, said, that the company aims to deliver high standards of customer experience by unifying standards, so room for error is decreased and service on all levels is the same.

The manual consists of defined steps that should be followed to maintain service standards. Each step is supplemented with guidelines and process explanation of going from one step to the other. The manual also comprises of a continuous improvement system, which helps monitor the quality of service, by assessing factors like, customers, operational processes and human resource etc.

Efforts on enhancing service, through collection of company suggestions and customer feedback, is also covered in the manual, as per Mr. Mahboob. He also went on to say “The governance of the Services Specifications Manual covers holding training sessions to explain the standards, as well as promoting and ensuring compliance with these standards, and assuming the responsibility for their continual improvement.”