A new app has been launched for smartphones with a business directory available to smartphone users’ offline. The app has been launched by Offline Mobile Business Directory LLC (OMBD).

The app supports various mobile operating systems in use including Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry. The app is available for free.

The app provides you with search options to find businesses in the United Arab Emirates. In order to make the idea novel, the company has already patented offline feature availability option in 142 countries. The company has its servers based in the US while providing local listings to businesses. The company has already estimated to earn around AED 25 million in revenues for 2015 by providing advertisement space. A one year banner advertisement on the app will cost AED 25,000.

The app has already listed more than 400,000 listings for the UAE categorized under 5000 categories. Besides the launch in UAE, the company has already chalked out plans to expand into the GCC region and a Qatar based app named “Call Doha” already in process is expected to be available within 6 months. The application has been developed in collaboration with Just Call InfoServices, an India based company.

Here are some screenshots of the app taken from Google Play Store. You can get more information about the app and the company by visiting the official website here.

Call me UAE App