Residents can now switch telecom providers with continuing to keep their previous number.

Customers of Etisalat and Du will now have the freedom to change their telecom networks but hold on to their numbers. This service will be available from the 30th of December on wards giving the customers the convenient experience of choosing the network of their preferred choice and not bothering about losing a number that they’ve had since a while and distributed among friends and family and especially work .

This will boost competition and will encourage both companies to provide exceptional service and offerings to its customers in order to top the market and increase customer loyalty.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority announced that the central transfer system will begin by Sunday and both the telecom providers will be ready to start the Mobile Number Portability (MNP).

“The two licensees have met the TRA’s instructions and announced their readiness with all necessary requirements and technical procedural adjustments
,’’ the regulator said in a statement.

‘‘There is no doubt that the availability of MNP will enhance competition in the local telecommunications market immediately,’’ the TRA said.