According to a recent study being carried out at UAE University, a positive reinforcement in customer behavior can greatly help to reduce over-speeding among motorists. Therefore, Abu Dhabi Traffic Police is raising awareness about speed with the smiling face speed indicator.

On average, 30% of UAE drivers drive over the speed limit which could result in serious traffic accidents and losses. With new smiling speed indicator programme, citizens would be encouraged to reduce speed and avoid rash driving. Drivers driving at a good speed would be rewarded with a smile, while crossing the smiling radar. In addition, the programme would help to reduce speed limit by an average of 17kmph, dropping speed violations by 50%.

The new initiative aims towards achieving a positive customer experience, in terms of avoiding traffic violations and reducing over-speeding among motorists, and would be implemented soon on ‘Abu Dhabi to Dubai’ Motorway.

‘Using positive psychology will encourage drivers to drive at good speed’, stated Alreem Rashed Al Kaabi, senior IT student at the UAEU.