Emirati residents who use the Sharekni Car-Pooling scheme will now be able to find their way with a geographic information system.

GIS-based maps and visualizations can greatly assist users to identify their final destinations and geographical locations. Therefore, RTA Dubai has linked its Sharekni Program with the GIS system for improved customer experience.

With GIS system integration, carpooling customers who use shared rides to access their final destinations would be able to search for their desirable destination in a much easier way, by entering certain key parameters. For superior customer service facilitation, RTA Dubai has uploaded the entire map of Dubai and other emirates in the online Sharekni program.  In addition, the GIS system also provides linkage to government and semi-government institutions, hospitals, hotels and landmarks.

According to Eisa Al Hashimi, the Director of Planning and Business Development, PTA:

‘The GIS system plays an important role in helping users, especially new ones, to find other subscribers’.