The new system gives citizens a relief from standing in long queues, while entering or exiting the bus. The automated fare collection system ‘Hafilat’ would be helpful to create more convenient customer experience of traveling in public transport.

With the help of Hafilat cards, citizens would be able to avail different facilities like easy payments of bus fares, convenient and flexible card reload options, and advance payment of planned trips via safe accessible channels. In addition, several ‘Ticket Vending Machines’ would be installed in bus stations, shopping malls, hospitals and airports of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, for improved customer service and fast order and recharge facilities.

The advanced fare collection system accepts all kinds of payments including credit cards and cash, with the ability to return change if needed. It also enables citizens to pay fines, in case of making violations of traffic rules and regulations.

According to Khaled Mohammed Hashem, the Executive Director, Land Sector DoT:

‘Following the rollout of the service, the DoT will work to equip the cards with further features such as mobile or online payments as well as the potential to pay for other transport related services including taxis, ferries, Mawaqif or even possibly to pay for other non-transport related services such as cinemas and football matches.’