Customers of RAKBANK can simply open bank accounts via the digital banking website interface and don’t need to waste time going to branches.

RAKBANK is now offering its customers with the convenient solution of click and collect service, which lets business customers apply for bank accounts via an online interface. This form of digital banking will enhance the customer service offered by RAKBANK to its customers, since it will reduce the efforts required from the customer’s end.

Through this initiative customers will not have to visit bank branches or spend time waiting in a line in order to open an account. Customers can use the online interface to open bank accounts for their RAKBANK conventional or AMAL Current and Finance Accounts on their website,

All customers using the Click and Collect service, just need to go online and fill out an application for the type of account they want to apply for and upload their relevant documents on the website. The bank then assesses the documents and gets back to the customer within 2 days. The customer is contacted, and the final information or formalities are dealt with, in order to start the account opening process. After the account has been opened, customers are sent their Debit Card and cheque books via the courier service.

“As one of the most active banks in the country in small business banking, we are committed to offering business customers competitive products through superior service and convenient channels,” said Ian Hodges, Head of Personal Banking at RAKBANK.

Hodges spoke about the effort and hard work that RAKBANK invests for its customers to enjoy online and Mobile Banking, in order to make the services efficient and save customer’s time.