Commercial Bank has announced details of its “Life in Qatar” service which is specifically targeting expats. This is the first of its kind initiative for expats arriving in the country to facilitate them. One of the primary objectives is to help newly arriving expats conveniently settle in by addressing all their key concerns.

“Life in Qatar” will enable expats to easily open a bank account, transfer money in advance before arriving in the country to pay for their expenses. A website has been dedicated for this purpose, allowing easy and direct access for the customers via The website provides all important details required to make the transactions. A privileged service is offered to customers eligible for Sadara, starting off with collection from the airport.

Through this service, customers arriving in the country would be able to get their Commercial Bank accounts running in 24 hours, get a credit card with amount QAR 2,000 and Vodafone SIM card with a free mobile phone. The customers will also be offered their first two nights at one of the best hotels in Doha, Qatar. These offers from the bank will help expats settle down and add to their customer experience.

Some of the other value added services that customers will get include, free international money transfers on monthly basis, assistance offered to easily locate a home and discount of up to 30% given on car rental services. Also included are pre-approved car and personal loans to help customers make purchases.

In order to further facilitate customers, a kiosk will be featured by Commercial Bank at Landmark Mall from 1st September to 22nd September 2014. It will contain mini explorer guide, common in use Arabic phrases, contact numbers for emergency situations, and a free ID photo service.