Customers of Zain telecommunications, will now have 78 company branches in Kuwait, which will provide them with a quality retail experience.

The company, Zain, a market leader in telecommunications in Kuwait, has launched two new retail branches, in The Gate Mall, and Mubarak AlAbdulla “West Mishref”. Zain has been serving a large customer base, with now a total of 78 branches in Kuwait, with the addition of these two.

Zain is aiming on delivering superior customer service and customer experience through the new branches. These branches will also offer customers with new devices, accessories, packages, promotions and helpful information.

Mr. Ahmad Al-Kandari, Zain’s Sales Director shed light on the company’s constant effort on improving the retail experience and convenience for its customers. He talked about the new branches being a reflection of the company’s commitment towards serving customers and their dedication to be as close to the customer as they can, by spreading their branches all over the place. They are also focusing on launching branches in areas which are highly populated residential and commercial areas.

Al-Kandari spoke about the customer base of Zain that it has reached beyond 2.5 million customers. He said that the company puts in all their efforts to stay connected with its customers and takes them very seriously. As per him, the distribution channel through their branches helps them provide better customer service and reach out to all their customers and handle their requests with speed and efficiency.

Al-Kandari highlighted that Zain is a market leader in Kuwait, and focuses on meeting the expectations of its customers and tries to offer them quality service, as acknowledgment of their loyalty to the company.