The Director of Dubai Customs, H.E Ahmed Mahboob Musabih has reiterated DC’s commitment towards fulfilling all operational requirements in order to assist with the current development and expansion project under progress at Al Maktoum International Airport. Dubai Customs also aims to depute qualified and trained staff to leave no stone unturned in guaranteeing exceptional customer service.

The purpose of expansion to the existing airport is to enable efficient handling of the ever increasing volume of passengers travelling through the airport. The new expansion would ensure the airport’s capacity has been increased to 200 million passengers annually. Dubai Customs is working to guarantee safe and secure travel for the passengers. The airport plays a very important role in contributing towards the national economy as many businessmen travel to Dubai and it is also a popular tourist destination for travelers worldwide.

The current expansion project has 108 Dubai Customs employees working on it round the clock. The staff went through a rigorous training routine of 44 courses and 27 workshops for various fields. The airport facility is equipped with 16 state of the art inspection devices to screen handbags, luggage deployed at Emirates Sky Cargo, Private Aviation Terminal, and Cargo Village.

One of the core areas on which Dubai Customs is working exclusively involves easing the stress involved in entry procedures. The authority wants to make sure that it provides a welcoming and visitor-friendly environment to passengers landing in Dubai.

Dubai Custom’s key focus is to accomplish maximum possible levels of customer satisfaction. The passengers entering the airport will also be educated about different custom procedures via website, passenger guides, and passenger charts. They would also be briefed about refund of deposits, and customs procedures.