The civic body in Dubai takes to social media for collecting their customers’ positive experiences regarding their customer service.

Dubai Municipality has introduced an initiative called ‘Happy Dubai’ which is meant to provide customers with a platform to communicate their feelings about the services offered by the civic body.

Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality, United Arab Emirates commented that the initiative, #HAPPYDUBAI is set to bring a creative angle to the service provided to customers by the municipality and have customers show their happiness to people around the world and attract attention to Dubai.

Mr Lootah commented that Dubai Municipality has been involved in starting projects and plans in the past for different fields, which attract positive attention to Dubai and differentiate it from the rest of the world, making it stand out in the light of other developed cities around the globe.

People will be able to share their positive customer experiences about the municipal services via this initiative, by posting comments and pictures with the use of the #HappyDubai social media hashtag. This social hashtag can be viewed by people around the world who can see these comments and see Dubai as a happy and prosperous city.

“The UAE has been ranked 14th in the happiness index set by the Global Initiative of the UN. Our goal is to spread happiness among the population of UAE and by 2021, Dubai would like to be one of the top ten happiest cities.” added Mr Lootah.