Customers of Al Hilal Bank will now be provided with updates about bank services etc. via the use of Snapchat.

Al Hilal Bank in Abu Dhabi has publicized its plan of integrating Snapchat into its customer engagement program. Snapchat is an app used to send photo messages to friends and family. It is a service which people use to share content which are called ‘snaps’. The pictures are sent to a limited list of contacts, which is in the control of the sender. Users can even select the time that a snap can be viewed by the receiver, from 1 to 10 seconds, and then the picture disappears from the screen.

Customers can pick whichever photos they want to share and even put up their Snapchat stories, for others to view. The app users around the world, share about 700 million photos and videos a day, and Snapchat stories are viewed about 500 million times a day.

Al Hilal will be using Snapchat to reach out to their customers via the social media platform and provide them with updates and information about the bank’s services etc. Users will be sent information about the bank’s facilities, services, staff and events, which will improve the overall customer experience. Not just that, but customers will also be asked to share updates about their routines as well as fun facts about them.

Mohammed Jamil Berro, Group CEO, Al Hilal Bank, talked about the importance of social media in connecting people together and making them communicate, no matter what the distance etc. He spoke about social media playing a positive role in bridging the gap between the bank and its customers, by creating an interactive environment for communication. He said the use of implementing Snapchat in their actions and strategy reflects the value they have for their customers.