The self-care app launched for customers to provide convenience and enhance their user experience has had over a quarter million downloads.

Etisalat has revealed that more than a quarter million customers have downloaded its new mobile app, in a little over a month’s time. The interactive self-care app was launched to provide customers with multiple smart services, such as mobile account tracking, bill payments, fast subscriptions to packages and offers, parking payment etc. which enhances the customer experience offered by Etisalat for its users.

Khaled ElKhouly, chief marketing officer of Etisalat said the app was launched in an initiative of staying connected with the customers and providing them with an important and valuable channel. He said a large number of customers are using their mobile devices for managing things and getting routine work done.

He spoke about the app becoming a success since there was an increase in the number of customers using it as a platform to sign up for new plans and services as well as paying their bills etc.

Such a high number of downloads reflects the use of the app by customers on their smartphones and tablets in UAE, and the role the app plays in providing digital customer service to the users. Recent data by Etisalat also reflects that the live chat feature of the app is very famous among users, which is more often used by travelers who are looking to find out about Etisalat’s roaming packs, which meet their needs and requirements.

“Since launch, we have made many enhancements to the app to improve user experience. For example, the individual registration login access has been simplified and at the same time, it is more secure. We have also made major technical improvements to offer real-time information to the users,” added Elkhouly.