Customers of RTA to benefit from the e-wallet service which enhances service experience by reducing time and increasing efficiency.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has had over 22,815 e-wallet transactions since the service has been introduced to customers. RTA’s customers have shown their preference for the convenient service of being able to manage their accounts. RTA has tapped into a new market by offering its customers extra recharge channels which include money changers, which is done in partnership with Al Ansari Exchange. This lets customers enjoy the payment channel of depositing cash or checks in their e-wallet, which enhances the utility of the service and attracts more customers towards it.

Companies can easily avail this convenient service by simply paying the fee by transferring the entailed amount from their accounts into the e-wallet without having to pay any transfer fee. Companies which don’t wish to use the fast e-wallet service can pay for the fees to Al Ansari Exchange via the financial channels.

Khalid Al Awadhi, Director of Automated Fare Collection, Corporate Technical Support Services Sector, RTA said, “The RTA is moving ahead with expanding and strengthening its smart channels in a way that makes it easier for individuals, companies and institutions to take advantage of its various services, thus saving the time and effort of its customers from various community segments.”

The e-wallet is a way of delivering customer service to the users of the RTA service, by proving them with a secure payment channel through their website. The customer experience offered by the service lets customers make transaction through a secure medium and also spend less time in getting their transaction done, than they would otherwise.

The e-wallet service has been readily adopted by companies and institutions who are looking to streamline their processes and benefit from the quick and hassle free option. The e-wallet is used by customers to pay their fees and fines which is related to the licensing service and transferring and ownership is a quick and simple way.

The access to e-wallet service can be gained by submitting an application for opening an account at RTA via the Nol website ( and then customers can deposit their required amount in their e-wallet through the Nol website.