Luxurious brands need to ensure that their services match the value attached to the product itself.

The service providers of luxury brands would benefit greatly in increasing the value of their brands by keeping the customers’ service demands in perspective, because customers are not just paying the price for the product, but, to a greater extent, are paying for the brand name and the luxurious service that comes with the purchase.

When customers pay extra, they are attaching value to the prestige of the brand – they are not just expecting a superior product, but also first-class service that makes them feel royal and achieve complete satisfaction and confidence in the brand being the best in the market.

Abu Dhabi Motors in Abu Dhabi, UAE achieved the best performing BMW Group imported in the Middle East .

Our positive year-on-year results demonstrate the continued growth of the UAE’s automotive industry and in particular, the strength of the Abu Dhabi Market,” said Arno Husselmann, General Manager of Abu Dhabi Motors.

The management stressed on the efforts the company makes in delivering customers with premium products and customer services which keep them fully satisfied and pleased with the luxurious service that comes with association with the BMW brand name. Their focus is happy customers who appreciate BMW for the unmatched services they provide.

We know our results are reflective of our commitment to providing customers in the UAE with premium products, professional staff and exceptional service standards. Operating in a customer-centric business, we have achieved our highest ever customer satisfaction results with a Customer Service Index score of 99.1 % in sales in December and in service we achieved a score of 94.6%. Our customer appreciation highlights that our extreme commitment to deliver unmatched sales and service standards result in successful sales achievements. Our strategic planning to build high-option cars, provide an unmatched service inclusive + repair package for 5 years as well as employing, and retaining only the very best professionals in the industry result in happy customers,” added Husslemann.

The goal should not be to maximize sales at the cost of everything else, but rather have pleased customers who are satisfied with the service, which holds up to the value attached to the brand.

Abu Dhabi Motors keep their strategies in line for superior customer service experience and offer various value-added initiatives which give the customer a little extra. These services consist of ‘Manufacturer International Service Inclusive Plus’ which includes maintenance services, wear and tear as well as other services.