Companies should work strategically in making their customers feel valued and important, so they can reciprocate by being loyal customers.

Airline companies often fight the battle with their competitors in trying to excel in providing superior quality services. The aim should be directed towards delivering an experience that makes its way into the customer’s mind, creating a bench mark that no other airline can provide.

In order to achieve such class and quality, the customer service must be personal and customized to the need of the passenger, which makes them want to return to the airline, converting them into loyal customers.

Creating the wow factor and delivering a luxurious experience, which is personal, wins customer loyalty for the company and keeps them on top of their game.

A passenger who recently traveled first class expressed her experience with Etihad and how she didn’t want the journey to end.  She highlighted how the touch points of her experience started well ahead of her boarding the plane, from being welcomed with a gourmet breakfast in the premium lounge to a quick spa session, all to prep her up for her 14-hour fight.

Appreciation of the passenger is what takes the company to a new level because that indicates a successful customer service which the passenger remembers and also values.

The passenger also told Gulf news that every detail on the plane added to her amazing journey, even the leather on the seats, which was from the same company that furnishes Ferrari cars. The impact of luxury is driven from the reference of other premium and luxurious brands that offer the same feeling of superiority that Etihad is trying to deliver.

The customer was welcomed by a personal chef who made fresh food at the order of the passenger and exactly when she wanted it.  Making such comfort and convenience available in an inflight experience outdoes the expectations of the customer and makes them feel valued; making every penny they spent worth it.

When customers are paying such high amounts of money on a service, they pay close attention to details such as bed sheets, desserts offered, the size of the inch screen and even choice of videos.