Customers can top up their blue NoL card once on salary day with dh270 and they can travel all over Dubai the entire month.

The personalized blue NoL card, by Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai, now brings more privileges and comfort for customers, in the form of discounted rates and free of charge travelling. Whereas the regular customers can enjoy savings of up to Dh150 per month, other Emirati citizens including students, senior citizens, and people with special needs can also have the benefit of travelling on economical rates, by the Dubai Metro.

With NoL card, RTA customers who are students can travel all over Dubai for just Dh170 per month. Emirati senior citizens are eligible for a 50 per cent discount on the card, while people with special needs can travel with it free of cost, with just a one-time application fee of Dh70. In addition, if a customer loses the card, the balance of the card can be protected by calling the RTA to hold or block it so the finder cannot use it.

The introduction of recent solution by RTA Dubai, in the form of a personalized blue NoL card is a significant step towards customer service convenience and effortless commuting.