New and renewed licenses will be sent by DHA to the doorstep of health professionals in UAE, saving them from the hassle of waiting in long lines at service centers.

Healthcare professionals will be given convenient service delivery for their licenses, with the ‘drop to your door’ service. This service has been introduced by Dubai Health Authority’s Health Regulation Department, to give health professionals a better experience.

Licenses will be delivered via Zajel courier service, which will speed up the process and enhance customer service offered by the Dubai Health Authority. As per the Assistant Director of health regulation at DHA, Dr Layla Al Marzouqi, healthcare professionals need to provide the authority with their preferred address, while filling the online form, and their licenses will be sent to them. The service is provided across the United Arab Emirates and is being made available to enhance service delivery. She also said that there were more than 191 new health facilities licenses and 7441 medical professional licenses issued, so far for the year of 2014.

Dr Ramadan Ibrahim, Director of Health Regulation at the DHA, highlighted, that transactions related to issuance and renewal of licenses are made online via the sheryan system, which is very easy to use and convenient for health professionals.

He mentioned that prior to this service, professionals had to pick their licenses from the office, which took too much time, since there were over 100 to 120 health professionals that came every day to get their licenses. Due to this new service, offices now have their load decreased by 40 percent.