The Airport is planning and talking to airlines that would like to operate from there.

Fujairah International Airport is trying to attract more tourists towards itself and are looking into over- flight connections to Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, updated the airports general manager, Charles Hajdu.

On asked about the international airlines willingness to fly from Fujairah international, Hajdu informed “There are always talks. With the runway closure [at Dubai International Airport] next year, they are looking to potentially move their operations here.”

Fujairah international is developing into a strong network and had heard good feedback regarding its services.  Numbers show that out of the 1.2 million guests staying at 20 hotels, up 60 per cent from 750,000 guests from those stayed in Fujairah’s hotels in 2011.

At the moment, Abu Dhabi’s Rotana Jet, is the only one offering a schedules service from Fujairah international, flying every day from Fujairah to Abu Dhabhi and back.