Customers can now transfer to a new operator and not worry about settling of pending bills.

Du announced to the public about its awareness campaign for all customers who were looking to move their phone number to another carrier. The mobile number portability (MNP) is a very convenient and innovative service which lets customers keep their current numbers and still be able to switch between telecoms. Fahad Al Hassawi, du’s chief commercial officer, has said the dates of launch of MNP in UAE are sometime in December, and final date is yet to be released.

This is an incredibly convenient service, allowing customers the freedom of choice and then making the change easy and convenient for them. All customers looking for MNP can simply send a SMS “CHANGE” to the number 3553 and have their service change or visit

Al Hassawi said Du is “extremely” happy that MNP will so be a reality. “It’s good for the sector and good for the consumer,” he said.

Customers can now easily have the network they want and not have to worry about losing their current number, since all their networking is done through that number, and all their contacts have that number.  Losing a previous number or having to give it up can create a lot of problem for the customer as he or she may lose contact with many people, especially those whose number they don’t have, and cant inform. Hence the MNP has solved that problems and now lets them change network provider without changing their number.