Abu Dhabi based airline Etihad started a new subsidiary, “Etihad Regional”, by buying out 33.3 percent of Darwin Airline, Which is a Swiss regional airline.

The airline will continue to be run by Darwin Airline and even carry the Swiss flag, but however the airline will now be re-branded as Etihad regional. The new model for the airline has new plans of twenty new routes and sixteen new destination, all of which will be commenced around, mid- 2014.

“It will add to the Etihad airline alliances in a smarter way, bringing secondary European cities into our world network,” said Etihad CEO James Hogan

“The object is all about network. How do we take our brand into markets that we don’t reach in our own right?

“We’re talking about second and third tier markets where we will not see Etihad Airways wide bodies.

“(Etihad Regional) gives us the ability to target those cities and help position and build a regional business.”

This will help improve service and market standing of Darwin Airline, since customers who trust and enjoy the service of Etihad and are loyal customers, will automatically become more inclined towards Darwin, running under Etihad Regional. More business will be seen coming in as well as better experience for the customer.