Business Customers of Etisalat to get almost double internet speed connectivity with the same rates, in order to enhance service delivery and support startups and Small and Medium enterprises.

Etisalat has introduced a new deal for its customers in the UAE, by offering them an upgrade, which will increase their broadband speed by 2.5 times, and that too without any charges. Customers will get an increase in speed, depending on whichever package they have subscribed to. Business customers with the 4MBps speed will be provided a jump of 10MBps broadband speed, for free.

Customers with other packages will also enjoy better customer experience through speed enhancements in their packages. Along with this, new customers signing up will be delivered with high speed and service, for lower rates.

“Among other benefits, Etisalat’s speed upgrades on its fixed-line network will provide faster and extremely reliable fixed-line internet connection, ensuring increased efficiencies, better global connectivity, reduced costs and improved customer service, resulting in increased profitability” said, Salvador Anglada, Chief Business Officer at Etisalat

Etisalat is looking to provide its customers with opportunities, such as better services for startups and small businesses, by offering them better technology and high speed broadband connectivity, which has become the need of the hour for the business of today.

John Lincoln, Senior Vice President, Small and Medium Business, Etisalat, talked about the importance of high speed connection, since it gives customers a professional edge to their business. He also talked about the savings that their customers would make due to the high speed business internet, yet low rates, which was a sign of gratitude towards their customers and support for their businesses.